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Neon Rays- Blues, Purples, Pinks

Neon Rays is a shiny rayon fiber.

  • The high shine without any sparkles sets this fiber apart from all the rest and makes the extra effort worthwhile.
  • This fiber is rather slippery so be sure that you anchor it well when beginning or ending.
  • The shininess will be maximized if you lay the fiber with a laying tool or or one's fingers.
  • works best when the bends in the fiber from the packaging are removed before using it. Use a thread straighteners (may thin the fiber) or wet the fiber and let it dry before you stitch with it. An iron also works.
  • Can be used on 18 or 13 mesh canvas. The amount of tension will have an effect on the coverage. Lighter tension will allow the fiber to expand on the canvas. 

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